1. Section A - Study Options

    2. Section B - Applicant's Personal Details
    New StudentReturning Student
    Title: Mr.Mrs.Ms.Dr.

    3. Section C - Applicant's Contact Details

    4. Section D - Applicant's Next of Kin

    5. Section E - Applicant's Work Experience

    6. Section F - Applicant's Past Academic Details



    6. Section G - Sponsorship & Payment Plan
    Sponsorship Type:
    (a) A student can withdraw from the program within twenty one days of enrolment. If payment was made in advance as a refund in tuition fees must be made.
    (b) A student who has not attended lessons a refund must be made if the student made any advance payment to the institution.
    (c) In case of the sponsor losing employment the student shall be referred to the next academic year. Advance payment shall be held in school account after reaching an agreement with the sponsor.
    (d) Examination fees are non refundable because they are directly paid to the examination bodies.
    (e) Students can withdraw due to natural calamities. In such a case documentation must be submitted to the Accountant with a letter of withdrawal.
    (f) A student can withdraw if the sponsor is on transfer and has no intention to transfer the student in boarding. Any advance payment must be refunded.
    (g) Non payment of tuition fees for two moths shall lead to termination of contract.
    NB: Refund refers to the money paid to the client for non study period. Refunds are received by client fourteen days from the date of claim.

    I have read & accept the terms & conditions.

    Method of Payment
    Bank deposit on or before the due date of accessed installment into the Nampol College of Education Account (Name: Nampol VTC Bank: Barclays Branch: Broadhurst Branch code: 004 Account number: 7734487)
    Payment Plan

    Full AmountQuarterly InstallmentsMonthly Installments

    7. Section H - Applicants Declaration
    i declare that i have provided information to the best of my knowledge.