Nampol College of Education Foundation was formed by the Directors of Nampol College of Education to take care of the College social cooperate responsibility, this foundation is to be a stand alone entity able to carry on the social responsibility of the college operations, hence its registration as a Trust. All employees of Nampol College of Education are members.

1. Its sole mandate is to focus on the disadvantaged youth above the age of eighteen. Assist them to become assets of their societies. For details refer to the constitution of the trust.

2. To resource the Library and make research easier for all the students irrespective of their background.

1. Eighteen (18) years and above

2. Must show evidence of coming from a disadvantaged set up by producing an Assessment record from the Department of Social Welfare under the Ministry of Local Government or an Accredited Social worker under the same Ministry

3. Criterion for Assessment must discuss the following

  • Case History
  • Education background
  • Recommendations

Presently the Foundation sponsors only vocational courses offered by the Nampol College of Education

1. Certificate in Automotive Mechanics
2. Dressmaking and Fashion Design
3. Certificate in Computer Engineering

1. Letter of sponsorship after receipt of assessments / recommendations by social worker

2. Signing of the contract with foundation

3. Letter of sponsorship submitted to the College for their processes

1. Monthly allowance of P 500.00

2. Full tuition as prescribed by College official prospectus

3. Examination fees as prescribed by the official prospectus of the College

4. Boarding fee as per Boarding Department for the current year